Sunday, July 14, 2013

le me engineer

pada hari khamis yang lepas, semua pelajar matrikulasi dan setaraf denganya
 dapat keputusan untuk masuk IPTA. 

and i'm one of them
upu webpage jam for a few hour. maybe because of the traffic. lol

i end up to use my mum phone to check it via sms
i got the result
its show EK00 UiTM 

i do  know that EK00 stand for chemical engineering
so i will further my studies as below:


kampus :- UiTM SHAH ALAM

for a moment i feel sad. i keep asking myself. 
why i dont get medic? why?

but i take a deep breath and say
you know what yana, you are lucky enough
at least you can further your study
i look at it as others view

i must be lucky enough to further my studies
moreover its engineering course
at least its related to what i have study before

so anyone going to this course with me?

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