Sunday, June 16, 2013


dah berhabuk blog ni tak di update 

by the way! a few week ago, i travel to beijing with my family . 
we travel there for a week. which is from 28/5 to 3/6
it took 6 HOURS! in the airplane to get to beijing. 

gambar ni dekat forbidden city  
dari pintu timur nak ke pintu barat ambil masa 3 jam berjalan. aiya =='

and this photo was took at the tiananmen square.
nothing special here except its super big square. 

this the map of the forbidden city. and that man over there is our tour guide. he is chinese but he can speak indonesian language. even though i'm malaysian but i can still understand indonesian language. 

this is at, oh well you sure know this place. its great wall of china.

my super hero. hehe. my dad of course.

with my family in front of the bird nest. 

that all for today.
bye2 :)

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