Friday, March 29, 2013

Make a change

Being a matriculation student is harder than you think
Its not just about being excellent
There is thousands of excellent student here
But you have to make your self notice by others
Because we have to be outstanding
Or you will lost in the crowd
Since i start my day here
I know that i am in the middle of war
War of education. More than that. Its war that will decide what you will eat wear and drive.
Its might look materialistic
But its reality
There is no room for the whole human being to be successful person.
So we need to fight for the spot.
Its also meant that you have to do anything for it.
I have being living my life to the fullest here
But now. Its only one month to spend here
I decide to study as hard as i can
As much as i could
As smart as i can
No regret in future.

Sincerely , yana joe

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