Tuesday, February 5, 2013

new shoe! new shoe! new shoe!

long before i have post about spike shoe.
and believe it or not.
i own it!

i just receive my shoe that i order online.
and its super cute!
i also make an unboxing video.
i cant wait to wear it outsite!
feel like a boss....

i lari turun dekat pintu nak ambik kasut ni. 
abang yang hantar benda ni tgk i semacam je

dan ni kotak besar punya!
kotak ni dah hancur i koyak2. haha
tak sabar nak tgk kasut kat dalam.

dan ini kasut nya didalam kotaknya pun.
nampak tak spike dia?
i was screaming in happiness during the unboxing of the shoe!

the shoe after being taken out of the box.
love the spike detail on its back.
and name of this shoe is jeffrey campbell spike foxy.

and this is another shoe that i bought. 
super cool!
and the name of the shoe is, jeffrey campbell spike lita.
and its super famous in america.
and for me its design is really are beautiful!

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