Monday, January 28, 2013

pastel hair colour!

are you bored with your hair colour? want some fun?
here i will show you some of the new trend for hair style.
pastel is the new black now.
see below picture and you will know what i mean. 

ok. maybe you are afraid to dip dye your hair like this. but there is alternative ways to do this to your hair temporarily , you can colour your hair using hair chalk! yes you read it right, hair chalk!
this technique call hair chalking. where you can have your hair colour temporarily, and if you dont want to have those colour anymore, you just rinse it off. as easy as that.and its wont cost you a lot.  dont know where to find hair chalk? you can just wear any oil pastel a.k.a you can use crayon. its sound stupid, but its true! i will try it later. wait for my hair tutorial for the hair chalking technique. hopefully i will do on saturday.  

you can search for it if you want to know more about hair chalking. 

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