Thursday, January 24, 2013

i promise you

(play this song, and at the same time, read my words)

i know
yes i do
i'm not perfect

since the day i found you
i know you will be the one
you might not perfect for someone else
but you are perfect to me

i'am sorry for everything i said
sometimes i just love to talk nonsense
i love to fight with you
because i love the way you coax me

i can feel the love in your heart
i can see the way you love me
i can feel that i'am the only one for you

maybe i'am the one that make your heart hurt
make you cry again and again
make you suffer everyday
make you confused

but i know that deep in your heart
you know that 
how much i love you
its more than just words
and i promise to love you forever

thanks for everything

(to: my love)

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