Monday, August 6, 2012

i do miss kl

i have been here for about 2 month and half

i use to life in a chaos

kuala lumpur
(i snap this in 2010)

of course its one of the non-sleep city

life in the middle of kuala lumpur is a fun


does not it polluted?

bad air, bad traffic.

yes it is

but that's what i like kl

even i life in the middle of city that have pollution in every aspect and got a very bad traffic problem,
its make me realised that i got a chance to life in one of the well know city in the world

in other hand
kuala lumpur have all what you want
mall? got more than what you want
luxury? of course
peace? thats what lake garden gave you
club? zouk ada maaaa
home? what type of house you want? semua ada
money? find it yourself
jungle? hmmm.. bukit nenas .......

and what i miss the most is my family, special one and last but not least friends

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