Tuesday, May 8, 2012


this resting thing is killing me!
i need you!
its killing me
deeply into my heart
i woke up
i cant see your message anymore
the routine is gone
then i start to message you back
i even call you
you hung up
want to know what in my heart? 
bang! bang! bang!
its feel like i have been shot
i dont want this
i want you
i keep messaging you
with hope that you will reply my message
and say to me
"baby, i really miss you"
"baby, i love you so much "
when i call again
you pick up my call
then i said
" b, i love you so much"
your answer?
when read your blog just now
i cried

finally i know that you still love me.
simple word
but meaningful for me
thanks honey
thank you for everything

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