Sunday, May 6, 2012

i dont know what happen

i dont know what happen
is it me?
is it you?
i can feel you hating something about me
may be i'm just not good enough for you
i cant feel your lovely character anymore
maybe a little, but not as before
we keep fighting 
i know there must be something wrong
i apologize if the problem is me
i love you so much till i cant explain it even to myself
i do know you love me
i just cant feel it lately
you seem to be so angry to me
we always pampered each other before
but now,
it just once in a while
what happen?
are you stress out with your study?
are you starting to hating me?
are you stress out with my behavior?
tell me
i need your answer
i afraid to lose you
i love you more than word
and you know this word " infinity "
the word we use to describe our love.